Our Beliefs

First United Methodist Church teaches that our God:
1. Created and is sustaining all things, and God’s truth is revealed to us in the Bible
2. Entered human history in Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified and risen Savior, that we
    might know we are loved and empowered by God’s grace alone

3. Provided a foundation for ministry in the historical witness of the Christian Church,
    especially in the ecumenical creeds

4. Works through His people to do redeeming work by the power of the Holy Spirit

5. Changes lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ, calling Christians to live lives of
a. Continuous renewal in heart and mind
b. Faithful and fervent worship both privately and corporately
c. Welcome and witness to all no matter where they are on life’s journey of faith
d. Practicing compassion and justice as signs of Christ’s presence in the world

For more information about United Methodist Beliefs and the United Methodist Church
go to www.umc.org (click for link)